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DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)

This one year degree program designed to impart knowledge in the field of computer application. Today Companies require experts to handle their I.T. Technology and communication system.DCA program is designed to impart knowledge to computer professionals about different subjects like Database, Networking, Programming, Operating System, Micro-Processing et..

Computer science is greatly in demand in all corners of the world. Unfortunately, the best colleges offering the degree in this field have very limited seats. Therefore, all the aspiring students cannot become a part of a degree program. This is where the diploma courses come into picture as the savior. The good thing is that there are certain diploma courses that have great curriculum and faculty

Computer application is a branch of commerce as many of the accountancy works and other works can be done through computers, so basically computer application deals with operating system training as well as software and hardware training.

It can be a beneficial course for you if you are interested to do computer diploma course as the days are passing by most of the organizations are dependent on computers for their work so it can be a good career opportunity for you in future.

It Saves You Time

The computer science degree has a huge curriculum and covers lots of topics. However, as a professional, you may not require the learning of all the aspects of computer science; you might simply be looking to excel in just one particular domain. Computer diploma courses are available for particular domains and hence you can enhance your skills without spending a lot of time on the full-length courses.

It Saves Money

Another great benefit of the computer diploma courses is that it can save you the money. Even if you have enrolled for the diploma program from the most reputed institution, you will not have to spend as much money as you would shell out for a degree course. Diploma courses are the best for the students who are money constrained.

Offers Flexibility

Diploma courses do not necessarily start at a particular day or month of the year. If you miss out on one particular course, you can enroll into another one. The diploma courses offer flexibility and are wonderful for those who want to do something along with their current job or studies. Mahathma Gandhi University contribute both Theoretical and practical training in the correct proportion. We provide quality education to students with the remarkable features like extensive practicals, workshops and real life business situations. Diploma in Computer Application will help the students to develop their practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability.

PROGRAMME : DCA(Diploma in Computer Application)
DURATION : Min. Duration 1 Year, Max. Duration 2 Years
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA : 10+2 in any stream or equivalent
Semester I
DCA11 Computer Fundamentals and Windows based Applications 3
DCA12 Communication Skills in English 3
DCA13 Programming in C 3
DCA14 Data Structure 3
DCA15-L C-Programming Lab 1
DCA16-L Windows based Application Lab 1
Semester 2
DCA21 Mathematics 3
DCA22 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
DCA24 OOPS with C++ 3
DCA25-L C++ Lab 1
DCA26-L Data Structure Lab 1
Total Credits 14