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Azteca University

Master's Degree in Criminal Law


Train professionals with knowledge in the criminal-legal field to analyze and evaluate the field and problems inherent in Criminal Law and with a vision that allows them to carry out high-level research, which they will use to impart justice in relation to the phenomenon of crime . Contribute to the training of researchers capable of reaching the level of knowledge that allows them to participate and provide solutions, through research, to the generation of national legal knowledge.

Graduate profile

The graduate may:

  • To properly apply research methods and techniques, as well as legal production that enriches the science of law.
  • Apply in an effective and timely manner the provisions of the national legislation to the solution of criminal problems at the state and federal levels.
  • Use abstract logical thinking, which allows them to judge the normative contents of the different legislations, both local and national in the legal-criminal area.
  • Contribute to the optimization of the administration of justice and the predominance of the rule of law, as well as to the modernization of the national legal system.
  • Be critical in the professional practice and in the interpretation of the legal reality.
  • Be honest and show ethical behavior in the exercise of their professional activity and have a humanistic and social culture.

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