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Azteca University

Profile about the University

We are a living University that seeks to fulfill its motto:

"For a Transcendent Mexico"
We are a University focused on the human person, offering each student a life plan that allows him to discover all his potential and explore it positively, to help him find his own way, giving meaning to his life, realizing his profession, based on the humanistic principles and Catholic inspiration, building their lives with the values of truth, justice and honesty.

We are a University that does not stop, because the world does not either. A University that lives the needs of the times and acts accordingly. Our new careers, the new university structure and the new projects are the result of updating and the search for success.

The Aztec University is an Institution of Higher and Higher Education, Humanist, Christian, and inspired by the Life of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, whose mission is the integral realization of the human being, forming people with values and high academic level capable to promote the environment of which they are a part.

The Aztec University must be a decisive factor in the economic, political, social and cultural development of Mexico, through its educational services, in its different modalities, seeking the excellence of its graduates so that they produce significant changes in scientific and technological knowledge. , understanding their social environment and capable of fighting for the truth, maintaining a spirit of self-improvement and service.


  • We believe in man as the principle, origin and object of every culture.
  • We believe in the family as the main cell of society and the first educator of the human being.
  • We believe in education as the only force for the transformation of societies.
  • We believe that all science is participation of the Truth.
  • We believe in the complementarily of the truths of Reason and the truths of Faith.
  • We believe that the University should be open to all those who wish to excel in knowledge and participate in it towards others.
  • We believe that the University has a vocation to unity in diversity.
  • We believe in Jesus, Supreme Image of God before men and Supreme Image of man before God.
  • We profess the principles of Catholicism, respecting all those who do not participate in them, demanding respect for our principles.
  • We believe that only free and capable men can be promoters of freedom and love.
  • We believe that there is no age to transform and be a transformer of the social environment.