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Bachelor of Commerce

It is the most popular and the most studied program all over the world. As this is directly related to the basic business requirements, it covers a very wide realm of employment prospects globally. It is door to vast career opportunities.

Bachelor of Commerce is designed to develop the managerial skills and knowledge in commerce. This degree develops your systematic knowledge, communication and problem-solving techniques, providing you with a overall possibility on business and preparing you to seek a career within the business field. This course will help the students to gain a detailed knowledge on the core subjects like :-

• Accounting
• Management
• Law
• Marketing
• Microeconomics
• Finance
• Business decision making

A student holding a B.Com Degree will be apt for leading a career as corporate employee or as an executive. The student will have sufficient knowledge about the changes in the flexible business world, and will have a great concept about how they can bring maximum output in the business field and the market-relevant aspects.

Some of the main benefits in career by learning B.Com are :-
High employment:- Students of B.Com can certainly expect high job opportunities as now a day’s business needs a commerce specialist or an accountant to run the business successfully. B.Com students have a good idea about how the financial condition of a business needs to be managed.
Career prospects:- A B.Com student can explore numerous career options after obtaining the degree. Students can look for career prospect in the following domains:

• Banking
• Company Secretary
• Chartered Accountancy
• Economics
• Cost Work and Accountancy
• Stock Broking
• Agricultural Economics

Mahatma Gandhi University contributes both Theoretical and practical training in the correct proportion. Bachelor of Commerce will help the students to develop their soft skills, problem solving techniques. It also gives the students a good idea about how the financial condition of a business needs to be managed.

PROGRAMME : B.COM. (Bachelor of Commerce)
DURATION : Min. Duration 3 Year, Max. Duration 6 Years
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA : 10+2 in any stream or equivalent
Year I
BCOM11 Computer Applications In Business-1 5
BCOM12 Business Communication 5
BCOM13 Business Economics 5
BCOM14 Business Management 5
BCOM15 Business Accounting 5
BCOM16 Banking Theory & Practice 6
Total 32
Year II
BCOM21 Business Law 5
BCOM22 Business Statistics 5
BCOM23 Cost Accounting 5
BCOM24 Financial Accounting 5
BCOM25 Investment Management 6
BCOM26 Human Resource Management 6
Total 32
Year III
BCOM31 Advertising Management 7
BCOM32 International Marketing 7
BCOM33 Element of Financial Services 7
BCOM34 Computer Application in Business 7
BCOM35 Company Acccounts 7
Total 35