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Azteca University

Law degree


Its general objective is the training of professionals capable of understanding and confronting the subject matter inherent in the legal field to which both individuals and professionals are subject. With a solid vocation of service, commitment and responsibility to participate consciously and efficiently in the social, economic, political and cultural development .

Graduate profile

The graduate will have skills to:

  • Advice and / or represent in legal matters, the interests of international, federal, state and municipal institutions and organizations; private public.
  • Represent companies and individuals in order to prevent and solve problems, when interpreting and applying legal provisions.
  • It will give legal advice in the legislative process of the problems that require a regulation and will apply the jurisdictional procedures before the different organs of justice.
  • Will know how to elaborate the legal planning of financial and stock shares.
  • In the international arena, it will negotiate disputes.
  • He will have the profile to exercise the teaching activity and efficiently use the computer resources.

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