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Azteca University

Degree in public accounting


Form experts in Public Accounting applying the most advanced methodology so that graduates are leaders of excellence and ability to solve the problems presented by the various natural and legal persons in their financial statements, thus achieving that their economic resources are used to the maximum jeopardize compliance with your tax obligations.

Graduate profile

The graduate will have skills to:

  • Analyze, interpret and prepare financial statements, international accounting, special accounting, costs, tax charges, tariffs and taxes.
  • Be fully trained in the analysis and creation of fiscal and economic standards, which allow natural and legal persons to maintain their finances adequately and thereby avoid problems with the tax authorities of any nation.
  • Design effective accounting structures that allow the advisors to correctly manage their income and expenses in order to comply with their tax obligations.
  • Conduct audits at the public and private levels, presenting reliable reports that allow obtaining a real vision of the state of finances and how to clean them up.

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