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Azteca University

Bachelor of International Trade


Train professionals with the theoretical methodological elements that allow them to identify, evaluate and develop strategies to open markets and / or improve those existing nationally and internationally, in the fields of private and public companies; in the international sale of goods and services, thereby contributing to the development of the country's external sector.

Graduate profile

The graduate will have skills to:

  • Managing the commercialization processes of the sector integrally, identifying clients and suppliers.
  • Apply the regulations and regulations of national and international character and of logistics more convenient to the conditions of Mexican companies that carry out import and export activities.
  • Present alternative solutions to the problems raised in the negotiations looking for the best options.
  • Manage companies with import and export activities.
  • Provide an excellent advice in a real and timely manner to both public and private companies, on the situation of markets at national and international level and, with this, determine the best times to invest and those in which financial precautions must be taken necessary to ensure healthy finances.
  • Design marketing strategies that will promote the goods and services that any business that wants to enter new markets, in order to ensure their acceptance and greater consumption within them.

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