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Master of Commerce

The course strengthens the theoretical, analytical, and applied knowledge base of commerce. There is ample scope of direct employment particularly in research and corporate sector. This builds skills and knowledge so the students gain an edge over other aspiring corporate world students.

The Master of Commerce is a two year duration course which is designed to develop one’s managerial skills and knowledge in commerce. The completion of this course will help the students to develop their systematic knowledge, communication skills and problem-solving techniques in this field of commerce which will open a wide area of opportunities on business and preparing you to seek a career within the business field.

This Master degree mainly concentrates on the core subjects like - accounting, actuarial science, business management, corporate governance, human resource management, economics, statistics, finance, marketing or supply chain management,..etc. M.Com mainly based on theory and practical, Instead of Personality development and Internship which make this course entirely different from other courses.

The students who hold this master degree will be qualified for the senior posts in the business field in many areas of both public and private sectors. Master of Commerce will help the students to improve their qualification towards higher level specialist positions in consulting, finance, accounting, information systems, marketing, human resource management, international business and more.

This two year course will improve the students understanding of key concepts and practical skills through an individual or group project within this time interval. Master Of Commerce programs are available both in full time or part time study schedule. Mahatma Gandhi University contributes both Theoretical and practical training in the correct proportion which will inspire the students to seek their optimal career by supporting them to complete their course of study to a assured field of specialization.

PROGRAMME : M.COM (Master of Commerce)
DURATION : Min. Duration 2 Year, Max. Duration 4 Years
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA : Graduation in any stream
Year I
MCOM11 Accounting for Managerial Decisions 6
MCOM12 Business Environment 6
MCOM13 Management Concepts & Organizational Behavior 6
MCOM14 Managerial Economics 6
MCOM15 Project Management 6
MCOM16 Management Information System 6
Total 36
Year II
MCOM21 Fundamental of Computer Application 6
MCOM22 Accounting Theory 6
MCOM23 Financial Management 6
MCOM24 Strategic Management 6
MCOM25 Direct Taxex Law & Practice 6
MCOM26 International Business 6
Total 36