A comprehensive course designed and developed to equip potential candidate with powerfull visualization skills , creativity , and thorough knowledge of creating highly engaging and interacting elearning content.


Are you a teacher who wants to get familiarized with the nuances of Technology and bring it into the learning environment? Are you interested in learning how to create and use multimedia for schools, university, higher education, engineering and research world? Do you want to acquire the latest technical knowledge to further enhance your expertise in the field of technology based educational eco system?

If the answer is Yes, then ID is the course you should enroll for! IIMTS SCHOOL OF ID awaits you with a global career !!

What is instructional designing?

Instructional designing can be defined as a systematic process of applying scientific principles to the planning, design, creation, implementation and evaluation of an effective and efficient instruction material/strategy. In a layman's language 'Instructional Design is the plan of action with a purpose' for more information on Instructional Designing, see our case study.

Who will benefit...

Teachers/researchers, web designers,(ad companies), journalists, facilitators involved with groups and individuals Instructional designers, Content Writers and Technical Writers Facilitators looking to up skill and refresh their skills People interested in training Learning development specialists Instructors of groups and individuals and training Managers

Deliver excellent training programmes and make powerful presentations Evaluate training programmes Identify training needs Creating storyboards and scripts Identify a performance problem Maximize different learning styles Develop and implement appropriate assessment methods Assess learning outcomes Using e-learning tools to speed up the process

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This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of instructional design, including the principles of learning theory, and instructional strategies that are relevant to instructional design. This course will introduce you to the systems approach to instructional design which includes introductory information and application of skills and techniques necessary in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instruction (often referred to as the ADDIE model). Professionals will learn the purpose and approach to completing each phase of the instructional design process and will produce a set of outputs from each of these phases.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES  ( Tech total reference)

  • Understand client requirements and propose learning solutions to meet the requirements.
  • Systematically analyze, design, develop, and test/revise the learning solutions.
  • Design and develop effective instructional
  • Develop content/storyboard for ILT and E-Learning courses based on the design documents using Articulate Storyline.
  • Ensure that learning solutions are effective and help achieve the established terminal objectives.
  • Create course/curriculum outlines and design documents based on client requirements.
  • Perform quality assurance reviews of learning content.
  • Develop assessment items to test learning objectives. 
  • Incorporate multimedia assets that include, but not limited to, audio, videos, and graphics.
  • Create classroom training, e-learning, assessments, tablet-based learning on Microsoft technologies.


  • Graduation in any discipline (MA English, MCJ,BA English, BA Journalism, B.Tech with excellent writing skills)
  • High Level written communication skills 
  • Good verbal and written communication, team spirit and people management skills
  • Expertise in developing a range of instructionalmaterials including classroom-based training, e-learning, job aids, references guides, on-the-job training, train-the-trainer course material, assessments, and evaluations.
  • Demonstrate effective course development and evaluation skills. Should be able to independently develop entry and advanced level technical and non-technical courses.
  • Experienced in designing a variety of training products. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.


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IIMTS School of ID  provides a unique and robust platform for training in Instructional Designing. Highly qualified instructors and eminent faculty, with hands-on experience in Instructional Designing, would guide and help blossom the new entrant into an industry-ready, professional Instructional Designer. The training is conducted in person, which makes it highly focused and penetrative. The participant is amply facilitated to clear any doubts or queries. You are provided a stock of useful study materials, which are objective and crisp. These study materials specifically addresses all your certification requirements. Upon successful course completion you can work with IIMTS school of ID as An instructional writer – Writes content, An instructional designer – Designs the framework and content from its inception, A content analyst – Proof reads the content and hosts it online if required, A creative writer – Makes brochures, writes company newsletters, case studies and whitepapers A Technical writer –Develops technical manuals on software and other products both for the developer and the end user.

(theory and practical sessions) special designed digital labs, live industry experience)


  • World class LMS system (refer website IIMTS)
  • Flexibility & Convenience:
  • Learning with personal contact of “live”
  • Efficient classes and quality training.
  • Short duration of one month.
  • After the successful completion of the training chance for the internship.
  • Permanent job and permanent career for the better future.
  • Certification from the IIMS school of ID.
  • First time in Kerala with all infra arrangements.
  • Facilities for learning and accommodation


  • Enroll for a curriculum that is competitive and the best in the country
  • The courses in instructional design will help you to identify and address a full range of human performance problems related to transfer of knowledge.
  • Learn the difference between the use of technology and its integration
  • Blend teaching and learning with the latest technology to address various concerns
  • Learn from Hyderabad's best institute which is endowed with globally accepted recognized standards
  • World class curriculum.


  • Spend time applying instructional design theories to real time projects rather than being tested on them.
  • Work closely with the trainers who practicing IDs.
  • The projects you create will have a touch of professionalism and not appear under rated.


  • Get Hands on experience by working on Storyboards,Dream weaver, Flash, Photoshop, Captivate, Camtasia and MS office.
  • All an absolute necessity for an ID professional Access our knowledge Portal for your own Web space which can be used for courses and for developing your work portfolio.


  • Get personalized and a comfortable class experience with a max of four students in a class
  • Connect with the IIMTS School of ID trainers through email and also by accessing the learning/Knowledge portal


Our trainers have a wide range of experience and are practicing instructional designers. They impart the most resent and the most widely used theories models and technology (in terms of acceptance in the current ID Industry) to the students. This will benefit the learners by equipping them to develop and deliver scientifically enhanced curriculum in a sector or field of their choice. (various part of india)

TIME (including practical and theory) : 9.00 Am – 6 Pm

DAY : Monday- Saturday

Course Duration- One month  classroom teaching.

6 month internship + 5 month training at 3G e-learning  Pvt. Ltd.

Course fee and learning material:  Through the sponsored Scholarship from 3G e-learning pvt. Ltd of  Rs. 6,000/-

Those who pass screening test will be offered a scholarship of Rs.6,000.



IIMTS School of ID




Ph:9567174747(Arun C G)


Internship and job placements after successfull completion of classroom training followed by On the job training will be at the role"Instructional Designer" at the Research And Development Centre 3G Elearning Pvt.Ltd(Malaparamba).

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