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Central University of Nicaragua

Universidad Central de Nicaragua (English name: Central University of Nicaragua) was founded in 1968. It is fully accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nicaragua via the Consejo Nacional de Universidades in official government session No. 10-1968 operating under the law No. 89 of the Republic of Nicaragua with full autonomy designing, delivering and granting degree programs at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. The Central University of Nicaragua is a nonprofit institution.

The university is listed with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Association of Universities and the international handbook of accredited universities published by the United Nations. The Central University of Nicaragua (UCN), and its Division of International Programs, is a multidisciplinary academic institution, humanist, ethical, efficient and competitive; promoting the intercultural exchange between nations and cultures, the defense of the environment, science, technology, democracy, freedom and social justice. The quality and competitiveness of UCN graduate professionals, contribute to the economic, social and cultural development.

The idea of the university was born of a group of academics with ample practice and experience in the education field that took the step to found the UCN, retaking the trajectory of the old Nicaraguan Central University that in the 1940s opened its classrooms to receive students who later were important personalities in the political, academic and social fabric of the country. The updated university has made a campaign of international development making agreements with universities of different parts of the world, simultaneously to have official representatives in countries and regions, for instance in the United States of America, Mexico, Bolivia, Central America, Asia, and Europe.

The Division of International Programs is directed by professionals with ample international experience, in projects such as the United Nations, UNESCO. Some of them manage transnational companies; others are members and advisers of NGOs. All this translates into an endorsement of a global vision to their activities and curricula, as well as one that activates interaction between cultures and nations. UCN PI members have worked with numerous programs and departments of the United Nations.

The university offers international distance learning programs other than local degree programs.

For more information please visit www.ucnint.ac

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