Master of Business Administration in Hospital Administration

Today our emphasises on proper health care and hygiene have increased so the needs for individuals to perform these tasks has increased tremendously. This Professional course is applicable for both Medical and Non-Medical persons.

There is requirement of learned and skillful hospital administrators in present scenario. So this course is apt for student who wish to consider a career in Hospital Administration.

Programme : MBA HA
Programme Code : 713
Duration : Min. Duration 2 Year
Max. Duration 4 Years
Eligibility Criteria : Graduation in any stream or equivalent

Semester I

Code Subjects Credits
MBAHA11 Principles of Hospital Management 3
MBAHA12 Basic Concept of Health 3
MBAHA13 Epidemiology 3
MBAHA14 Health Care Services 3
MBAHA15 Drug Management 3
MBAHA16 Medical Transcription 3
Total 18

Semester II

Code Subjects Credits
MBAHA21 Hospital Resource & Operations Management 3
MBAHA22 Marketing Services 3
MBAHA23 Material Management 3
MBAHA24 Hospital Support Services 3
MBAHA25P Industrial Project 3
MBAHA26P Hospital Support Services  Project 3
Total 18

Semester III

Code Subjects Credits
MBAHA31 Operations Research 3
MBAHA32 Biomedical Waste Management 3
MBAHA33 Research Methodologies 3
MBAHA34 Patient Care Service 3
MBAHA35 Health Economics 3
MBAHA36 Nutrition & Dietetics 3
Total 18

Semester IV

Code Subjects Credits
MBAHA41 Management Strategy 3
MBAHA42 Health Statistics & information System in India 3
MBAHA43 Hospital Management & Law 3
MBAHA44P Industrial Visit - Practical 3
MBAHA45P Project 6
Total 18

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