Master of Arts in History

This program specializes primarily in the humanities. Subjects in this field include English, philosophy, theology, foreign languages, journalism, social sciences and fine arts. It develops overall knowledge of Arts field.

Programme : M.A.HT (Master of Arts in History)
Programme Code : 717
Duration : Min. Duration 2 Year
Max. Duration 4 Years
Eligibility Criteria : Graduation in any stream

Year I

Code Subjects Credits
MAHT11 Ancient Indian Society and Culture 6
MAHT12 History of India 1526-1757 6
MAHT13 History of India 320-1200 AD 6
MAHT14 Ancient Indian(320 BC) 7
MAHT15 History of India(1757-1950) 7
Total   32

Year II

Code Subjects Credits
MAHT21 Historiography, Concept Methods and Tools 6
MAHT22 National Movement 1885-1947 6
MAHT23 Ancient Socities 6
MAHT24 Medival Socities 7
MAHT25 Modern World 7
Total   32

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