B.A (Bachelor of Arts)

This program is formed from many parts of the liberal arts. This means students are required to learn more than one style or technique of analysis, skills that can be applied to real-life situations.

The goal of a Bachelor of Arts is to get a well-rounded education with a good grounding in one particular subject.

Programme : B.A (Bachelor of Art)
Programme Code : 316
Duration : Min. Duration 3 Year
Max. Duration 6 Years
Eligibility Criteria : 10+2 in any stream or equivalent

Year I

Code Subjects Credits
BAG11 General English 5
BAG12 Microeconomics 5
BAG13 History of India from Earliest Times to 1206 5
BAG14 Foundation of Political Science 5
BAG15 Representative of Indian Political Thinker 6
BAG16 Elements of Public Administration 6
Total   32

Year II

Code Subjects Credits
BAG21 English Grammar and Composition 5
BAG22 Indian Economy 5
BAG23 Outline History of Modern World 5
BAG24 Select Political System 5
BAG25 Administrative Institution in India 6
BAG26 State Administration in India 6
Total   32

Year III

Code Subjects Credits
BAG31 Comparative Administration System 4
BAG32 Elementary Computer Application 4
BAG33 Elective-1 4
BAG34 Elective-2 4
BAG35 Elective-3 4
Total   20


Code Subjects Credits
BAEC33 Development & Environmental Economics & International Trade 4
BAEC34 Money Banking and Public Finance 4
BAEC35 Quantitative Techniques 4


Code Subjects Credits
BAEN33 Notes for Macbeth 4
BAEN34 Notes for Spectrum of Life 4
BAEN35 Notes for The Eternal Muse 4


Code Subjects Credits
BAE33 Survey of Rajasthan History from the earliest Times to 1956 A.D. 4
BAE34 Foundation of Indian Culture 4
BAE35 Modern Indian History (1740 A.D. - 1956 A.D.) 4

Political Science

Code Subjects Credits
BAPO33 Indian Political System 4
BAPO34 Representative of Western Political Thinkers 4
BAPO35 International Relations Since 1945 4

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