BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

The aim of this programme is to develop working knowledge about computers and impart skills to use the computers effectively in developing commercial and scientific applications

Today Companies require experts to handle their I.T. Technology and communication system. BCA program is designed to impart knowledge to computer professionals about different subjects like Database, Networking, Programming, Operating System, Micro-Processing etc.

Programme : BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)
Programme Code : 307
Duration : Min. Duration 3 Year
Max. Duration 6 Years
Eligibility Criteria : 10+2 in any stream or equivalent

Semester I

Code Subjects Credits
BCA11 Computer Fundamentals and Windows based Applications 3
BCA12 Communication Skills in English 3
BCA13 Programming in C 3
BCA14 Data Structure 3
BCA15-L C-Programming Lab 2
BCA16-L Windows based Application Lab 2
Total  16

Semester II

Code Subjects Credits
BCA21 Mathematics 3
BCA22 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
BCA24 OOPS with C++ 3
BCA25-L C++ Lab 2
BCA26-L Data Structure Lab 2
Total  16

Semester III

Code Subjects Credits
BCA31 Data Communications 3
BCA32 Operating Systems 3
BCA33 Computer Graphics 3
BCA34 Client-Server Architecture 3
BCA35-L Graphics Lab 2
BCA36-L DBMS Lab 2
Total  16

Semester IV

Code Subjects Credits
BCA41 Software Engineering 3
BCA42 Java Programming 3
BCA43 Relational Database Management System 3
BCA44 Unix and Shell Programming 3
BCA45-L Java Lab 2
BCA46-L Unix Lab 2
Total  16

Semester V

Code Subjects Credits
BCA51 Algorithm And Analysis 3
BCA52 Internet Programming 3
BCA53 Application Programming 3
BCA54 System Programming 3
BCA55-L Web Designing/ Internet Lab 2
BCA56-L Application Programming Lab 2
Total  16

Semester VI

Code Subjects Credits
BCA 61 MIS and Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) 3
BCA62 Computer Network and Security 3
BCA63 ADA Lab 2
BCA64 System Programming Lab 2
BCA65-L Project: System Slide or Application Slide 6
Total  16

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