Retail Management has been one of the industries that offer encompassing career opportunities in various domains of retailing. The present scenario depicts that there will be very high demand for talented manpower in the retail business. The need for retail management professionals are drastically increasing day by day.  It is considered that retail employers across the globe will need large number of professionally trained people in various specialized areas for retail across the world. Retail is challenging, engrossing and dynamic. Quality education is required to advance and succeed in the Retail industry today and there are ample opportunities for the qualified students.

The tremendous positive growth in retail industry has been phenomenal and it will continue to witness substantial growth in the future. This in turn makes the industry more colorful for an energetic professional. The retail management aspirants will have to nurture their skills and prepare themselves to deal with the very challenges presented by the global retail industry before endorsing retail careers. The management needs in the areas of Store Operations, Retail Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Buying & Merchandising, Brand Management, Store Location & Design, and MIS in Retail, Human Resource Management, E-Tailing and Digital Retailing.

To make a fruitful career in this profession market oriented industry based training is inevitable. International Institute of Management and Technology Studies ( IIMTS) offers fully approved and accredited Global Retail Management courses throughout UAE and GCC countries. IIMTS also offers excellent practical training which cop up with the current as well as future industrial needs. We offer certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Postgraduate programmes in Retail Management. The flexi open approach with market based education makes us the leaders in Retail Management.

Specialized Infrastructure @ IIMTS includes:

  • State-of-the-art seminar rooms equipped with all modern AV devices.
  • Well equipped Resource Centre and market aided approach.
  • Faculty rooms & individual offices as per the organizational requirements, primarily setup on corporate layout plans.
  • Visual Merchandising Lab which makes the education on Retail management more realistic and effective

IIMTS presents Retail concepts in a logical manner and contains experience which inspires and stimulates thinking to the best innovative output.