PhD students should have knowledge about various area of their Major.

Find a supervising professor and identify a research area (but not a specific topic at this point). In consultation with your advisor, choose three courses (in addition to your diversity course). Choose courses designed to prepare you for the research you plan to do.

Schedule a Research Preparation Exam.

Submit a Research Qualification (RQ) Document to the University. In the RQ document, the student:
Provides evidence of satisfying the background requirements
Submits coursework with satisfaction of the GPA requirements
Provides evidence of completing the Research Preparation Exam
Formalizes dissertation advisor(s)
The RQ document must be filed by the end of the 1st year in the PhD program.
After you Become PhD Candidate
With the assistance of your supervising professor (Guide), select a committee.
The Guide must approve your committee prior to making final committee plans
Select a date and time when all committee members can be present for the proposal.
Pass the proposal exam.
After passing your proposal exam, you will need to complete an Application for Candidacy
Schedule and Pass the Final Defense
At least 4 members of the 5+ member committee must be present. Non-attending members must provide written explanation for their absence and must agree to read and comment on the dissertation by the time of the defense.

Submit the Dissertation to the University