The Globalized economy made the demand for investment advisory services; it has created several opportunities for lucrative careers in Wealth Management & Financial Planning. Even regulatory measures recently initiated by many world class organizations recognized the importance of this profession. Almost every leading business house in the globe has a wing for well trained Finance Management Services. Even public sector banks have taken a plunge into it. As a result a huge requirement of trained manpower exists in this business throughout the year.

Almost all firms including but not limited to government, semi-government, co-operative and private industries are required to have one or more financial professionals. Duties of finance managers include the preparation of financial reports, direct or indirect investment activities and implementation of cash, etc. Finance is as important as a spinal cord is to humans; and this exactly describes how vital the role of finance manager is in the industry.

The increasing demand for ready-to-be-employed, well-trained and skilled people in industries has fueled the need for the best B- schools which can give colors to the dreams of all sections of society without the bar of age or other conventional barriers.

IIMTS emphasizes both on innovation and the protection of tradition in creating the best managers with social commitment. More than a school of Business and Technological studies we are having unique identity of in house training and chances to be the part of internationally acclaimed management projects. We are committed in molding the perfect human being and the best Manager in you, a manager with a difference. Our collaborations and academic tie- ups with the best and prestigious institutions and centers of excellence, and continuous efforts in expanding our collaborations with more institutions  in the globe itself can explain our mission in developing the skills to climb the ladder of success and make a difference in the world. We offer PG Diploma courses in Finance Management throughout UAE and GCC countries.

At IIMTS you are our priority.