Master of Business Administration in Finance is one of the best known and among the most recognized management degrees in the world today. Be it public sector or private sector, an NGO or a Government job, an MBA holder with specialization in financial management today, undoubtedly scores better over  other sector of courses in the same sector. Most Multinational Companies prefer professionals with best global exposure in finance management. A finance career is best started with an MBA in Finance with the best training facilities.

International Institute of Management and Technology Studies ( IIMTS) recognizes the key role knowledge will play in social and economic development in the new millennium. So we ensure the best education in the management courses with fully accreditation as well as global exposure.  At IIMTS students are encouraged to work with the faculty on research projects. Varied coursework, state-of-the-art computer labs, well-equipped lecture rooms provide finance students with a solid preparation for entry into the world of finance and for career advancement.

The MBA in finance offered at IIMTS provides students with the concepts and tools for participating in the financial decision-making process for a variety of businesses and organizations that require special understanding of financial analysis, financial management and financial systems. Students are prepared to evaluate and recommend financial strategies available to them in oral and written form. Whether student interests lie in the area of securities, banking, or insurance industries or that of a financial professional, the job opportunities in this area has become more promising and we train you to achieve the best.