One of the great strengths of IIMTS is its ability to address the significant challenges that faces today’s modern United Arab Emirates through research activities of its faculty in Management related areas. Continuing Education Programmes at IIMTS has contributed significantly to the development of many areas in the UAE ranging from the development of professional Enhancement Programmes, Adult Education Schemes as well in the development of significant economic activities. We aims at elevating the quality of Higher Education to international standards through partnerships with world class universities, high licensing and accreditation standards, requirements and incentives for continuous improvement. With the aim of being the best Professional Continuing Education Institute in the world we give priority to Promoting innovation, scholarship and discovery through major research funding in areas of strategic importance to the Arab World, thereby building a strong community of Management professionals and industry trained faculties.

IIMTS is purely oriented in delivery of world class educational and skill advancement facilities to students and professionals who thrive day in and day out to acquire the potential to grow above all. IIMTS with its specially designed courses which are provided by famous and accomplished International universities help you in carving for yourself a niche in today’s competitive environment.

The courses at the universities are specifically designed and detailed by experts in the field who are faculty at these universities. Working professionals, who have amassed hard earned knowledge, also contribute in formatting the courses which are imparted to the students. The counseling service at IIMTS can help you remove all the confusion from your heart and tell you the best way achieve your goals which may have been alluding you for a very long. There are also graduate degrees on a fast-track program in which students focus just on subjects that relate to their field of study or have programs that do not have scheduled breaks during summer months and semesters.

The International Institute of Management and Technology Studies (IIMTS) offers UGC approved online management courses in marketing management throughout UAE and GCC countries. IIMTS also offers dual certification programs in collaboration with top ranked Indian Universities as well as globally recognized International Universities

IIMTS: The Arab Decision Maker in Higher Education