Innovative Ideas are the backbone of a successful model Business!
An idea explains the thirst for real achievements…All it takes is one good idea to completely change the world.

What makes an innovative idea?

It is not something that doesn’t really need to be explained. It’s just obvious when you see it. The best ideas are those that solve problems simply. Brainstorming can provide businesses with innovative solutions and a competitive edge

For examples we can share the success of the trend makers. Google’s Big Idea = Search (Made Simple), Apple Big Idea = I-Pod. All it took was one product one idea so compelling that everyone used them. Google’s perfection of Search has enabled it to create hundreds of other products, Apple’s sleek design and intuitive interface perfected the art of mobile hand held mp3 / media music players allowing them to go on and evolve their operating system, hardware into the a compelling user experience.

Idea management is an important component of the overall innovation process. While most companies think of idea management as a funnel process – they tend to end up with a piped process where the pipe is slightly wider at the entrance than at the exit. What most companies fail to realize is that it should be a funnel process full of feedback loops and forward loops. Not only do they need to make the entrance of the pipe wider by getting many more people involved in the process and by being “always-on” for idea capture, they also need to focus on making the exit of pipe narrower by killing more ideas in the process. Failing to do so leads to too many ideas being under-resourced – which again results in higher failure rates.

“There is no way to create wealth without ideas. Most new ideas are created by newcomers. So anyone who thinks the world is safe for incumbents is dead wrong.”
– Gary Hamel