For pursuing a colorful, highly paid management career in the fast growing Oil & Petroleum domain, the International Institute of Management and Technology Studies (IIMTS) offers a unique diploma program that has been formulated to produce future managers and leaders who can handle the ever changing nature of challenges and opportunities of this rapidly evolving sector. You will develop thorough understanding of strategic business issues across the entire hydrocarbon value chain from exploration to retailing of petroleum and petroleum products. To facilitate your Continuing educational and developmental journey, IIMTS offers a spacious picturesque campus with state-of the-art facilities: super specialized Living Labs, Advanced Computer Centre with wi-fi all over the campus, e-enabled Learning Resource Centre, all of which add to the learning at IIMTS. We also offer extensive counseling and Personality Development Programs (PDPs) during the tenure at IIMTS. Industry tours and summer internships are mandatory to groom and facilitate students for their career ahead.

While these are some clear indicators of the growth potential for this sector, the latest PwC-Petrofed report also projects a huge shortage of skilled manpower and professionals in the Indian Oil & Gas industry, which will hit about 30,000 by the year 2012. Remuneration packages in the Oil & Gas industry are also set to rise.

Diploma in Oil and Petroleum Management is a real passport for achieving the best career in the following areas:

• National and multinational energy companies
• Foreign Oil Companies
• Technical Service Providers
• Petroleum Consultancies
• Tertiary Sector (Insurance,Business Advisory & Consulting)
• Associated Petroleum Industries – Petrochemical, Paints & Dyes
• Energy ministries
• Investment Sector

IIMTS with the sole aim of parting the best training in the world pro-actively involved in research and development activities. Our exclusive dedicated management resource personnel are deeply engaged in exploring, discovering and understanding various aspects of core sectors in chosen domains.

Our Students are taught and groomed in an environment akin to the most sophisticated corporate houses across the globe. They learn to handle and work with the latest presentation equipment that gives them the confidence to present in front of diverse audiences and emerging Industries.

•For establishing the best platform for entry level professionals in the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.

•We emphasize in developing academic and training competencies in teaching professionals to help them create activity oriented professionals for the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.

•To play a key role in designing, developing and delivering cutting edge education and training for working professionals in the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.

•To provide support to research, consultancy and development activities in all technical and managerial aspects of the Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.