The Programmes in Systems Management are exclusively career oriented. The programmes provide a broad-based education regarding systems management. Industry oriented courses in Systems Management programme features a core curriculum that trains the students for the emerging knowledge economy. The mode of training at IIMTS emphasizes the latest practices, concepts and technological skills of the changing marketplace for achieving More and more jobs emerging in this field. This sect of courses mainly stress in strategic and management issues relevant to the development and management of cutting-edge software technologies. Graduates of this program are especially groomed to address the complex issues that lie at the intersection of business and technology. They are trained to lead their future organizations in developing and executing technology strategies and managing innovative technology projects.

The training programmes on Systems Management include training in systems department of organizations, business development, systems consultancy, account management and sales and marketing. At IIMTS the students are further trained to develop Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Students are taught customized development of IT solutions in all spheres such as automating attendance punching, putting daily sales, developing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and distribution of data online. The candidates having Systems management qualifications with sound understanding of business concepts and systems management are seen as ideal for the job of a project manager in software development activities. They are responsible for developing an on-line network with company distributors across the country. They can also be recruited in the IT firms for the post of Project Managers, Systems Analyst and Supporting Expert.

The International Institute of Management and Technology Studies (IIMTS) recognize the key role in training and making highly talented budding Logistics Management. By the revolutionary establishment of courses in Systems Management, IIMTS made history in being among the leaders in this sect of education with incomparable facilities and a view to impose the best knowledge exchange in event management. To produce trained and qualified professionals who understand the nuances of the fast growing industry. IIMTS offers fully accredited Systems Management courses throughout UAE and GCC countries. IIMTS also offers dual certification programs in tie up with top ranked Indian Universities as well as globally recognized International Universities through the expert professionals and industry oriented education.