Effective Management development is a necessity for all organizations to the key persons at the helm for organizing work. It is a process through which managers, leaders and those aspiring for management positions both private and public organizations learn and improve their skills, not only to benefit themselves but also their employing organizations. The International Institute of Management and Technological Studies (IIMTS) responds to the needs and demands of these people by providing training, interactive experiences and confrontation of societal challenges especially in areas of management, leadership, governance and entrepreneurship.

IIMTS corporate interface includes a range of planned activities with and within Industry — from guest lectures by senior professionals, case study discussions and development, seminars, and workshops. This helps in bringing them closer to real life situations and management challenges therein, which they learn early before they get on with their jobs and progress in their careers. The trainings are conducted on a highly interactive pedagogic approach comprised of case studies, discussion sessions, group activities, application videos, visits to relevant organizations and industrial experts’ sessions. Training is conducted by experienced trainers with industrial experience in their areas of training.

Key benefits @ IIMTS

• Become a world class trained, confident manager with new knowledge, skills and self-awareness – ready for new responsibilities
• The emerging steps to mold the effective managers – focused on creating business based values and providing Market leadership
• The best ever coaching in an international perspective – taking in not only the bigger business picture but also the longer term
• Internationally acclaimed faculties and best infrastructure.
• Well equipped Resource Centre and market aided approach.

The market oriented task based management education system at IIMTS acts as a navigation tool for high-potential functional experts with a strong record in their functional area and equips you with a general management perspective. The utilization of technology enabled system will broaden general business knowledge, competence in key functional disciplines and expand the leadership and management skills through framing efficient value based management scheme. Framed by the crucial concept of today’s market management, learn how to create – and capture – value while forging a community with international like-minded high potentials. This enables the student to be a part of the global management scenario even from the classrooms.