The journey of ten thousand miles starts not with the first step but with the right step. The Globalized competition oriented market that we operate in makes the difference in every move. A wrong step in branding could be your last. Ultra modern technology and benchmarking techniques have resulted in very high degree of parity between the many firms that compete in each arena. In this case the only real advantage that you have lies in The Brand because what you can do, your competitors can also do. The most irritating part is that they can often do it better and sell it cheaper. It is most important to note that “Value” is defined differently by different parties. Businesses measure brand value in terms of margin, market share and goodwill. Yet, each brand owner will asses this based on individual objectives. For example, a politician may measure brand value in terms of votes, a company in terms of profits and a nonprofit as contributions. Consumers place value on many factors ranging from emotional to rational, from exclusivity and rarity to the safety of commonality.

Branding: Speaks Louder for the Product

• Branding in action draws customers to the business organization, to your products and services, without conscious thought or question on their part. And why talented people are drawn to work with you.

• Everything you do or don’t do carries a promise to your customers. This makes the real branding.

• Branding is simply your image and your reputation, built on everything that you did or did not do, promised or did not promise. This is why you can never not brand, for even if you don’t control it, you will be branded.

• Branding in action is also the promise you hold up to your own people: this is what we stand for and this is how-we-do-things-here. In fact, this is internal branding. Internal branding is how you excite your people and secure their commitment to deliver on the promise you make to customers.

• Effective branding means that your promises resonate with your customers. Branding in action means that what customers experience resonates with what they expected.