Good managers are essential to any successful organizations for its optimum performance. An exceptionally good manager achieves a hard working, productive and effective workforce that punches above its weight in its performance.

Professionally trained Good managers attract exceptional staff; they make the organization a preferred employer; they help to increase market share; add to profits and surpluses, and reduce costs. Their staff are engaged, committed and ‘go the extra mile’.

Managers, however, dance on a fault line – they either have the behaviors that inspire followers to do what they otherwise may not be willing to do, and without creating any psychological distress, or they do not and the costs will escalate and ripple for a long time

A good manager is good at managing and developing themselves: Optimum tries for achieving good results

  • Good Managers are assertive and communicate well
  • Are clear thinkers and effective speakers who are good at influencing others
  • They are decisive, good at negotiation and problem solving
  • Excel at time management
  • Spend time in self‐development

A key to successful management is the relationship between the manager and his or her staff. It’s the manner in which managers manage people that separate the ordinary from the good and the exceptional.

IIMTS: Best mangers are made with passion