Business management is one of the most exciting, challenging, and varied fields you can get into. The options of what type of organization you want to manage in are endless. On the one end, you could seek to be the manager of a horse stable, managing the care of the horses, cleanliness of the barn, training of employees, and running of a lesson program. In contrast, you could manage a web design company, managing the flow and completion of projects, working with customers, dealing with equipment issues, training employees and doing some design work yourself.
In this day of tight belts and cost cutting, managers are expected to pitch in right next to their employees, so if you don’t know the jobs in your department when you take on the job, you will need to learn them quickly.

Key Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a business manager are endless. First and foremost is to keep “things” running. Things could mean a 12-person department, a 250 person division, or a multi-billion dollar corporation that is international in scope. By running, we mean maintaining or bettering the budget while keeping all operations going smoothly and efficiently. A truly good manager doesn’t simply “maintain.” To set yourself for success, you need to figure out ways to improve the operations of the department thereby reducing costs while maintaining efficiency. In other words, you need to be process oriented – to find better, cheaper, yet high-quality ways of doing things, and then documenting those ways for the organization’s future reference. Then there is the supervision piece. You are directly responsible for supervising, training, and coaching your staff and making sure their performance meets company goals. Finally, you are responsible for hiring employees.

Here are some more specific duties a business manager performs:

• Runs department/organization meetings
• Works with Human Resources to determine correct staffing levels
• Prepares annual budget for department
• Prepares and/or directs staff to prepare reports
• Conducts employee performance reviews
• Meets with other company and department leaders to assist with setting    organizational strategy
• Completes necessary Human Resources paperwork
• Prepares department schedules for vacations, training, shifts, breaks, and so on
• Performs other duties as assigned

Placement Options

The career opportunities in business management are endless.
• Vice President
• Division Manager
• Chief Financial Officer
• Business Office Director
• Law Firm Administrator
• Office Manager
• Department Manager
• Assistant Manager
• Supervisor
• Management Consultant

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