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Internship and job placements after successfull completion of classroom training followed by On the job training will be at the role"Instructional Designer" at the Research And Development Centre 3G Elearning Pvt.Ltd(Malaparamba).

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IIMTS serves the society by providing world-class educational opportunities to one and all. IIMTS is both the promoter of innovation and the protector of tradition. In an increasingly uncertain and volatile world it is both: A dynamic change-agent creating new knowledge, molding new skills and shaping new social identities and a technology oriented institution.

IIMTS recognizes the key role knowledge will play in social and economic development in the new millennium. IIMTS puts students at the heart of it's enterprise. It is committed to offering them a wide array of academic programs



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Are you considering returning to studies and earn your degree, but there are so many to choose from that you are finding it overwhelming...? . Take a breath, try to relax and then use some common sense strategies to find the right program that is a perfect fit for you.If this is the time for a career change, a higher degree can help you make the transition and provide the necessary training and skills needed for your new profession.

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IIMTS is purely oriented in delivery of world class educational and skill advancement facilities to students and professionals who thrive in a day in and day out format to acquire the potential to grow above all. IIMTS with it's specially designed courses which are provided by the famous and accomplished International universities help yourself

Why Distance education /
E-Learning ?

Open and distance learning is one of the most rapidly growing fields of education, and its potential impact on all education delivery systems has been greatly accentuated through the development of Internet-based information technologies, and in particular the World Wide Web (www).

Open learning and distance education represents approaches that focus on opening access to education and training provision, freeing learners from the constraints of time and place,and offering flexible learning opportunities to individuals and groups of learners. For the student/learner, open and distance learning means increased access and flexibility as well as the combination of work and education. It allows upgrading of skills, increased productivity and development of a new learning. Open and distance learning has the potential to generate new patterns of teaching and learning.

Santhosh P Francis

Santhosh P Francis.
EMBA- Supply chain management

"The online exam was a totally new experience and it was smooth and easy. The management is very good and the staff is so supportive. The service from IIMTS is really appreciable"

Lata Annie

"The Management is really student supportive. The online exam, is an unforgettable event in my whole life"


Sajin Radhakrishnan
MBA Operations Management

"The support and the patience that Mr. Sridhar showed is the most striking thing I found during the examination. All the staff where so patient and active, they were readily available for any sought of support and help"

Nobiul Alom
EMBA Marketing management

"I felt that it is the No.1 organization for higher studies. The Mahatma Gandhi University has a wide variety of courses to cater the needs of all students. Its a good University as far as I am concerned. The support and service from IIMTS is very good and I highly recommend it for higher education."

Santhosh P Francis

Omar Farook

"IIMTS is a very good institution. The coaching they give is very useful and apt. The atmosphere is very good for education. The staff are so cooperative and friendly. The exams are conducted in a timely manner and it was a good experience in total."

MBA - Master of Business Administration

With this course you can Be in sync with the latest technologies being used in the management sector for different forms of transactions. Understand and imbibe all forms of budgeting and management, Upgrade your skills and work in a simulated banking environment


Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

PhD students should have knowledge about various area of their Major. Find a supervising professor and identify a research area (but not a specific topic at this point). In consultation with your advisor, choose three courses (in addition to your diversity course). Choose courses designed to prepare you for the research

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